As a nature-lover, photography is another favourite activity of mine. Many of my photos of wildlife are taken by the chance of being in the right place at the right time with my camera at the ready. Most often, a photographer needs to be incredibly patient for wildlife to show up, and they know that window of opportunity can be short.
These landscape photos have been taken during walks and hikes, looking up close and far away, ahead and behind, way up and even down at my feet, on and beside my path. I look for the views that I would otherwise miss out on if I just strolled with a view ahead.
My photos are often inspiration for landscape and wildlife paintings. In other words, not all of my favourite photos are worthy of being enlarged, but they serve as subjects for my paintings! Here are a few recent ones, and more follow if you scroll down:
Click on the images to see the full photo. If interested in any photos, please contact.

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