Wildlife & Landscape Artist – from the Endangered to the Keystone Species of this Planet

I paint flora & fauna subjects from nature around the world to share my love of creation, and to increase awareness of its beauty and our obligation to care for it.

I’ve been a self-taught artist since before I was 5 years old. That’s over 4 decades now, and I am proud to call myself a lifelong learner. Always observing nature with wonder, I attained 3 university degrees and returned to my first love as an artist.

With a special love for colour and texture, I create while drawing upon my acquired knowledge and experience, but I seek whenever possible to paint intutively, because too much careful planning can interfere with the creative outflow. I hope you will see my love for artistic expression and share in my love for the natural world!

Currently, I live year round in Bracebridge, Ontario, and I am continually inspired by the beauty of the nature that surrounds me in Muskoka.

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