This is where I create and display my work.

My art studio is situated on Brofoco Drive, in one of the most desired residential locations within the town of Bracebridge. Our home, pictured above, sits back from the road and behind it are the remains of the Brobst forest, where birds are plentiful and other wildlife visit on occasion. We encourage pollinators and we feed the birds (as well as squirrels, inadvertently), but we do not leave out garbage or compost for others. Aside from the regulars, other animals occasionally pass through and we might be very lucky to witness it happening (even more so, if my camera is at the ready).

There are 2 entryways to the gallery, one of which was an old breezeway, now a finished entry that displays some of my art, along with framed prints. The entry to the main gallery is the far door at the end of the concrete walkway that is flanked by perennials. On some occasions in the warmer months, visitors can opt for a circular path that takes them through the gallery & studio, as well as the screened-in porch and the backyard, where gardens and forest will invite you to take a peaceful pause and enjoy their beauty.

I will, of course, be showing art in process and on the easels. I’m always working on something, and might even be painting outdoors in the backyard.

Workshops are also in the future. I will update my website and Facebook art page with upcoming events.

Click on the photos below for a sneak peak at a few of the items for sale at the gallery. 

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