“As a Wildlife & Landscape Artist, I paint flora & fauna subjects from around the world, often endangered species and keystone species. I paint to share my love of creation, and to increase awareness of its beauty and the importance to care for it.”

Always observing nature with wonder, Michelle has been a self-taught and very intentional artist since before she was 5 years old. After many years invested in detailed drawing (realism), she began to prefer a looser style, so she explored every art medium she could find. Today, her creative expression continues to evolve, while using techniques that she developed in her years of experimentation, such as incorporating mixed media and sculpting with acrylic mediums to create textured paintings on canvas or wood.

Michelle works with high-quality acrylic paints and materials, and she experimented with many mediums to find what works best to achieve her desired “3D” effects.

“Every painting is planned in theory, but I seek whenever possible to paint intuitively, because too much careful planning can interfere with the creative outflow. If any texture “sculpting” is needed, from the delicate shaping of strands of animal fur to the coarseness of granite rock, that is an ongoing process of building depth, while keeping the layers thin. I really want to do justice to every aspect of nature, as much as my mediums will allow.”

Michelle grew up in Komoka and has recently returned to Middlesex County after living in Muskoka for 7 years, where she was inspired by the rugged scenery and many wildlife visits on her property. She is looking forward to reconnecting with the people and the lands of South-Western Ontario, where new adventures will inspire new paintings and other creative projects!

Website (includes online store): https://michellevyn.com/

My facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MichelleVynVineArt

Instagram: @michellevyn_vineart

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