As a Wildlife & Landscape Artist, I paint flora & fauna subjects from around the world, often endangered species and the keystone species of our planet. I paint to share my love of creation, and to increase awareness of its beauty and our obligation to care for it.

Always observing nature with wonder, I’ve been a self-taught and very intentional artist since before I was 5 years old. After many years invested in detailed drawing (realism), I began to prefer a looser style, so I explored every art medium I could find. What emerged was a special love for colour and texture, which is evident in my style of wildlife art and landscapes.

Every painting is planned in theory, but I seek whenever possible to paint intuitively, because too much careful planning can interfere with the creative outflow. I begin with a sketch, and I do an underpainting to set the tone of the painting. If any texture “sculpting” is needed, from the delicate shaping of strands of animal fur to the coarseness of granite rock, that is an ongoing process of building depth, while keeping the layers thin. I work with high-quality acrylic paints and materials, and I have experimented with acrylic mediums to find what works best to achieve my desired “3D” effects.  

My works must be seen in person to fully enjoy them! I hope you will see my love for artistic expression and share my love for the natural world!

Currently, I live year round in Bracebridge, Ontario, and I am continually inspired by the beauty of the nature that surrounds me in Muskoka.

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