I am a full time artist and writer. As a visual artist, I work with a variety of mediums, including acrylic paint, mixed media, printmaking, drawing, illustration, and photography. I also enjoy producing home decor from my art, and I make jewelry.

As a writer, I work within many genres, including children’s books, fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry and memoir. My books are published using my first initial and my own name, without changing the spelling of Vyn for ease of pronunciation. 🙂 Vyn is pronounced “Vine.”

I’ve called myself an artist since I was 5 years old. But it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I became interested in storytelling. And it was not until later in life when my own children became teens that I began thinking about publishing my writings. Not surprisingly, because I am also an artist, I wish to retain control over the illustrations for my writings.

In 2018, I joined the Muskoka Authors’ Association and area writers’ circles, taking the plunge into the scary waters of reading my writings publicly to other writers who would become friends and critiquing supporters. It has been a rewarding adventure!

My formal training did not include writing courses. While I was in my first year of university, I was originally majoring in studio art, but I became an insatiable learner and gravitated to the program with the most flexibility in subjects: Classical Studies. This program allowed me to take history, art history (Greco-Roman was one of my faves at the time), philosophy, ancient engineering & technology, Latin, Greek, and the elements of Latin & Greek in the English language. I also took diverse electives to prepare for teachers’ college (Earth Science, Math, English, etc.). An additional senior course I took was in Linguistics on the History of the English Language, during which I realized how helpful it is to have learned some Latin, not only for broadening one’s English vocabulary, but also to understand English grammar rules (I was always very good with grammar, but don’t worry, I’m not a grammar nazi, unless I’m teaching it. LOL). Since then, I went on to earn a Masters degree and a teaching degree. In fact, it was while I was in teachers’ college that I realized how much I wanted to work at art and writing (together) full-time.

Whatever a writer’s background experience and learning, whether in the lessons of life or through formal education, we take in everything, ruminate on it, and since we must write, it eventually takes form in words meant to be shared with others (or not). Simply put, a writer writes because they must. It takes courage to share it, and determination to publish it.

I can say the same thing about my art. The two go hand in hand for me. My paintings and writings are like pieces of my soul that I’m sharing with the world.

I’ve only begun to publish, with my first book now on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats. “My Backyard Is Full of Life” is a children’s chapter book, which I chose to publish independently. The illustrations were meant to look as if the 11 year-old character created them herself. My next book to be published is already written, but I am working on the illustrations, which will actually be paintings this time around. It is called “Dive into Diversity” and the paintings will also be shown in upcoming art exhibitions (some have been completed and have already been shown). The book itself is a picture book for children, but it will be suitable for all ages. More to come!

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