A Summary of my 2019 solo exhibition: “Discovery, Wonder & Storytelling”

One year ago, after being notified that my submission was accepted and the exhibition was confirmed by the Huntsville Art Society, I began preparing for this solo art show. I then submitted an application for a grant for exhibition assistance from the Ontario Arts Council, which was successful, so I made sure every dollar counted toward this show.

Pictured here is one of the posters I created to advertise the exhibition. The images give the sense that I am a wildlife artist and that I take my own photos for use in the making of my paintings. The title is meant to evoke a sense of curiosity, not only about the subjects within and the inspiration for the paintings, but also for the exploration of artistic media and processes involved.

And below is a video that shows the 46 pieces that were on display from May 31 – June 26 in the Partners Hall Gallery at the Algonquin Theatre, Huntsville, Ontario:

The opening reception was delayed because the first two weekends were busy at the Algonquin Theatre with the Partners Hall booked up for the events. So, my show was running for two full weeks before I could have my artist’s reception. All this was known to me long beforehand, of course, since the bookings were done well in advance.

On the day of my artist’s reception it poured. All. Day. Long.

Yes, there were some brave people who ventured out that day to join me 🙂 , but if you looked out at the downtown street, no one was walking about. (I know, we’ve all had our share of rain this spring – not just April showers, but then May, and almost all of June! Rain, enough already.) Thankfully, it didn’t stop the group of us from enjoying the art talk and some fine food! I met some fantastic people.

I prepared an audio-video presentation for the reception, making use of the projection screen in the gallery. This was done in part to ensure that I would have a presentation available that day in case I was unable due to the many migraines I get (I’ve written about this before on my blog.) Another reason for choosing this approach was to practice methods of multimedia presentation for future exhibitions. Yes, I love learning new things, and I am comfortable with technology! Why not incorporate all media, if one can! I plan to use my writings as well. I wouldn’t say I am a great speaker, and certainly not off-the-cuff, but I do know how to present (perhaps that is from my teacher/teaching background). My speaking mainly comes from my writing (in other words, prepared), and it flows from my writing.

Another development was the surprise invitation to be the guest of Noreen Mitchell for the Arts R Us program on Hunter’s Bay Radio 88.7 FM for the June 23rd broadcast. That turned out to be a fun first experience for me, since Noreen has a way of making her guests feel relaxed and welcome. Here is a link to our Arts R Us talk: https://soundcloud.com/hunters-bay-radio/arts-r-us-michelle-vyn-discovery-wonder-storytelling-jun-23-2019?in=hunters-bay-radio/sets/arts-r-us

Thank you to all who took the time to make this a wonder-full and memorable experience, whether you came to the reception or stopped in over the duration of the show, and if you signed my commemorative guest book. I appreciate you! Thanks also to M. Joe for the postcard. 🙂 That was a pleasant surprise to receive in the mail! All the interactions have been very encouraging! To the Huntsville Art Society gallery committee and all involved from the Algonquin Theatre, my sincere thanks and appreciation to you all for making my show possible and for making me feel so welcome! And finally, to the Ontario Arts Council for the grant to offset the costs involved, allowing me to share my work and grow as an exhibiting artist!

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