Autumn. It’s short but it was incredibly sweet this year in Muskoka! And I’ve been taking it all in, whatever I could get of it.

This is what happens when you feast with your eyes… What goes in must come out, and thankfully, I was feasting on beauty! I’ve been calling it “Lakeside Trail.” It’s an acrylic painting on a 36″ x 24″ canvas.

Here is the full size painting:

Lakeside Trail

“Lakeside Trail” / 36″ x 24″ / acrylic on canvas

With all the beautiful autumn colours this year, I found myself a little lost in the leaves, so to speak. Alas! Now they are all on the ground!

Something I noticed along the way is my muscle memory for too much detail, an unwanted tendency toward perfectionism that I’ve been trying to shed from my early days as an drawing artist. For too long I resisted the paintbrush because of perfectionism, since I thought my pencil tip lent me more precision, but perfectionism robs me of joy. I found myself battling this tendency in the making of this piece, and I had to keep reorienting myself. It has turned out to be quite a fusion of styles!

That said, I am mostly pleased with it. I found a way to incorporate texture without losing all the details, so I am content.

But the colour! Now that is what excites me about this piece! Layers and layers of colour!

I just wish I could get a better photo to show what it looks like in person, because all the texture and layers of colour don’t really show. All we’ve had more recently are cloudy and rainy days, along with some snow that dusts the ground occasionally, and I think I will have to be very patient. Whenever I can get some better photos of this piece, I will update the gallery photo.

Here are some close-ups, but again, they don’t do justice to the layers of colour and the details are somewhat muddied with the lack of good light lately (I even went outside to take these). I suppose I must wait for spring to get the right light again! A better camera would help, in truth.


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