Recently, I happened to discover “Art of Where,” which is a company based out of Montreal, Quebec that offers on-demand printing of artwork, along with a variety of unique products that can be made from digital art images. So, I have set up a shop to offer some unique products using my own images, from prints to pillows, and scarves to kimonos.

For a few years now, I have been looking for a Canadian-based company so that I don’t have to pay customs fees on international orders. That way, I can offer my customers more reasonably priced products.

I also have a shop on Fine Art America, but they can ship only art prints from within Canada, while all their other products (mugs, pillows, etc.) are made in and shipped from the U.S. and elsewhere in the world.

If you are a Canadian artist and have suggestions regarding where you have offered your own unique products on demand, please forward them to me! I’m looking for quality, as you are, of course, but also for the right price (no extra shipping/customs fees for our customers in Canada).

Here is the link to my shop, if you would like to have a look! Art of Where: Michelle Vyn – Vine Art

I have added only a few images so far, but if you are interested in a print/product from one of my paintings that is not yet on the Art of Where website, please let me know.

Here are just a few samples of products they offer, using a few of my shop images:

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