This upcoming art show is for Huntsville Art Society (HAS) members only. As a brand new member of HAS, I must admit, I struggled with selecting which of my finished pieces fit the theme, “Uncorked, Unbuttoned, Unbridled.” I narrowed it down to 3 pieces, and then I asked my husband how he thought they fit the theme. When he heard the show title, he gave me a look with raised eyebrows, and I could immediately sense that his imagination conjured up some interesting ideas.

I’ve had my art selected for similar, theme-styled member shows before (with Muskoka Arts & Crafts), where the theme was open to interpretation, and only a handful of members were able to submit on the theme, sometimes keeping with a very literal interpretation. I didn’t have time to create a new piece before the entry deadline in this case (as a very new member), so I looked through my inventory of finished pieces.

I didn’t explain to my husband my reasons for choosing the above 3 pieces, not until after he confirmed or denied whether they fit in the least. Obviously, these are 3 very different styles and subject matter. The phoenix is bursting into new life while its body has been forgotten in death (turned into rock in the lower right corner, with spring flowers already blooming, as if it is a fertile rock garden). “Piano Blues” conjured up (for me) thoughts of dancing along to some upbeat jazz and getting right into the party. In my hubby’s opinion, my phoenix painting got his thumbs up, while “Piano Blues” was a stretch. “Convergence of the Four Winds” could also have fit the bill, with its aerial view of cyclonic winds let loose on the world. So, I submitted 2 out of 3 images accordingly, and waited.

It turns out that many members entered the show, and I don’t know if any were turned away, but only one piece per member was chosen, mainly for space reasons. Having only a limited idea from thumbnail photos of accepted entries, I’m still wondering how some of them fit the theme, but maybe I will understand when I see them in person. Such is the way of interpretation.

See the poster below, along with my submission that was accepted into this juried art show. Surprised?

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