In an attempt to reduce the word count of my biography on my “About” pages, I have transferred this information to this blog post, and I think this is preferable.

About the artist, Michelle Vyn (pronounced Vine):

Hmm, does the little bit in brackets not say plenty? Not pronounced “vin,” as in vin-tage (I’m not quite there yet). I even had to get “punny” and call my “fine” art, “Vine” art. All this in hopes that my married surname will get pronounced the way I like to hear it. How hard can a 3-letter name be to pronounce anyway? It’s dutch, and it’s pronounced “vine” in the Netherlands, from “Vijn”, which branched off from “Fijn,” pronounced “fine.” So, Vine Art works just fine, I think.

Perhaps I was born an artist, or born-to-be-an-artist. Either way, I started very young, and before I was 5 years of age, I was drawing “perfect” circles. If I practiced every day, I didn’t realize it, because I was more than content with pencils, crayons, markers and modelling clay, at all times and everywhere. It is the smell of the art room that I remember best from all my years at elementary school.

Discovering the world through art has been a favourite pastime since those early days. I gave expression to this wonder by drawing subjects from nature (primary grades), pet portraits (junior grades), and eventually (in the teen years) by creating portraits of friends and family, as well as drawing for commissions. Unfortunately, I gave most of my completed drawings away.

I grew up in a small village outside of London, Ontario, and eventually expanded my horizons by moving to St. Thomas as an adult, which was not much farther from London. In St. Thomas, I got married, had 3 children (very close in ages), became a student on and off, and a teacher on and off. I’m a lifelong learner, so I will consider myself a student and a teacher for as long as I’m able. Art has been a life-long hobby, but my professional art career started in late 2014.

Primarily self-taught at drawing and with a love for realism, I branched into working with other media while at university and discovered a love for many art styles from throughout history. I am still mainly self-taught; however, I have taken a few college and university studio art courses for credit along the way. I also enjoy meeting and collaborating with other artists and I find satisfaction that in art there is always more to learn and more to express. My love for colour and texture is evident in my compositions, and my variety of life experience shows in the diversity of subject matter and influential styles I’ve been attracted to over the years. I have travelled the world, if only in my imagination (benefiting from the exposure of education), and the influence is there in my work.

In September of 2015, just after I was getting my work noticed in the London area, my husband accepted a job offer in the beautiful Muskoka area in the province of Ontario, Canada. To get our family established, I found a full-time job, but I joined Muskoka Arts & Crafts (our “guild”) and continued to seek out potential art shows to keep creating.

Currently, I live in Bracebridge, Ontario, which is said to be the “heart” of Muskoka. I am continually inspired by the endless beauty of the the nature that surrounds me.

I love to explore the bounds of creativity with acrylic paints and mediums, and I prefer to experiment with new techniques, which keeps others guessing and asking how I have created my finished pieces. At times, I also return to drawing, printmaking, mixed media creations, and many other artistic media.


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